The place to be every Monday and Thursday night is definitely at the Erin Mills Youth Centre’s Drop in program. On Mondays we start each week off right, with each other. We watch sports games, talk about our day, listen to music and movies and just enjoy the company of the community. We also put a big emphasis on breaking bread and having a meal together (The food is always great). Drop in Runs 6:00pm-9:00pm every Monday night at our unit 49 location.
On Monday’s we also have frequent guest speakers that come in and talk about topics ranging from music production, personal experiences through professional sports and general life discussions stop by and see what it’s all about!

Our Girls Drop-in program takes place every Thursday at unit 49. This program runs from 6-9pm and allows females ages 13 and up from the community to come out to a welcoming environment where they can hang out with friends, and engage in games and girl talk!!! Food is also provided. We have 5 amazing girls that are hard at work each and every Thursday since mid-February bringing to light their fashion design that they have created to model in the Rip the Ridgeway Community fashion coming up May 27, 2017. We also have an amazing dedicated volunteer by the name of Keisha who comes to program each week and helps these girls sew their personal design that they created. We hope to expand in the number of participants with the summer approaching so if you are a female in the community and you are looking for something to do Thursday evening’s 6-9pm come and join us in unit 49 for Girls Drop-in program!