Working with finances can be a mentally and emotionally stressful process; especially if you do not have the tools and resources to succeed! Thanks to Tay Chayathivong, a successful Wealth Management Advisor, we have been able to tackle the barriers to financial freedom, and educate youth on developing healthy habits that will pay off in the future.


Tay has brought a wealth of expertise and passion as she has overcome many barriers in her life as well. As she says, “life will always happen; the more prepared we are for it, the more equipped we are to deal with it.” Through various sessions of Success and the Mind, participants are able to learn valuable skills such as managing cash flow, entrepreneurship, investments, insurance and taxes. There are still 3 more sessions to take advantage of if you have missed out! They are happening on March 21st, April 11th and May 2nd at 3570 Colonial Drive from 6-8 p.m.