“Can’t say I’ve ever been too fond of beginnings, myself. Messy little things. Give me a good ending anytime. You know where you are with an ending.”
― Neil Gaiman, The Kindly Ones

Starting anything new can often times be unpredictable and messy. Boundaries are tested, trust is built and friendships are forged. It might not always be an easy thing to do, to leave your comfort zone or try something different. The youth at Homelands Sr. Public School that attend the EMYC after school program have had a triumphant year conquering those new boundaries and forging lasting friendships.

It has been a humbling journey for the EMYC team to watch these intelligent, compassionate very unique individuals discover their passions, learn about their hopes and dreams and become champions in their own ways.

The ending of this years programming doesn’t mean the end of a journey or the end of good memories. It’s a time of celebration and reflection on all that was accomplished personally and as a group.

On June 15th The Homelands After School Program had our annual Fun Day. A day full of activities, treats, lots of laughter and to top it all of a huge water fight! Things got messy as pies were flung, slime was poured atop heads and makeovers were given to staff as well. The day truly was the embodiment and spirit of the time we’ve spent together.

With the Homelands After School Program coming to a close we know where we are with our ending. Happy. Happy to have been invited on such a remarkable journey with so many splendid individuals.