Social media has become a driving force of every form of communication in today’s world, with people young and old using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more to keep up to date with happenings in their communities and around the world. But these social tools can also be used to enhance learning, and as so many youth are already rapt in the interactive world, many teachers find that embracing technology and social media in the classroom is a more effective engagement strategy than trying to stop it.

Starting this week, we will organize social media workshops with the youth at all of our programs to explore ways together in how we can achieve and maintain positive and healthy lifestyle with the use of social media.

In this project and series of workshops youth will be able to learn:

  • Using social media as a learning tool
  • The positiveness of social media
  • Exploring options of improving online privacy and security
  • Workshops focused on e-commerce, social media marketing, and avoiding cyber bullying.