On Feb. 15, the RCC Steering Committee hosted an Open Forum Q&A session with the Peel Regional Police. Members of the community had the opportunity to address any issues and concerns they have had with law enforcement in the past and presently. This Forum came out of the Peel Regional Police’s commitment to engage the Ridgeway community in positive manner and the residents desire for answers. Since the summer of 2016, with the opening of the Ridgeway Community Courts looming, community members believed it was important that the Police patrol the court and be more involved in Ridgeway. Residents and the officers of the Community Mobilization Team have been communicating for months and are both beginning to engage each other on a more regular basis. While this forum had a good turnout and some concerns were addressed, it is just a starting point and we hope to see the continuous support and positive engagement of the Police in the Ridgeway Community.