Our Mission

EMYC believes in youth. Research has shown that youth engagement with the most positive, long-lasting impact are characterized by two elements: (1) youth are a central part of planning, shaping and delivering programs—not just as volunteers, but also as paid staff; (2) programs are designed to promote adult-youth partnerships that involves mentoring and affirms the capacity and contributions of youth. At EMYC we have identified this strategy as “youth driven.” These core values stand behind our mission and vision and inform each of our priorities and outcomes.

 Our Mission:

Erin Mills Youth Centre supports and empowers youth to advocate for themselves and their community in order to create a brighter future.

 Every youth who experiences the hope of discovery, the joy of giving back and the empowerment of achievement leaves an impact that reaches deep into the community. Each youth has the power to inspire the next generation and bring lasting change to the community. Erin Mills Youth Centre counts it a privilege to journey with these amazing young people!

 Our Vision:

Youth are achieving their goals and reaching their full potential equipped with the necessary skills, supports and perspectives to thrive.

To view and download our Strategic Plan please click the link below.

EMYC 2020 Strategic Plan